Colour Trends for Autumn 2022

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So, what’s hot in 2022? What colour schemes are trending right now for tiled areas in your home? While white tiles will always be a firm favorite in kitchens and bathrooms, we are seeing an immensely popular return towards the indulgent retro shades of eras past.

Pretty in Pink


If you secretly long to return to the pretty pink hues of yester year but are not quite ready to take the plunge into a completely pink space, why not add a splash of rose tones to a predominantly white bathroom or kitchen with our indulgent Laura Tiramisu high gloss metro wall tile range!

Or maybe you are ready to embrace the full retro experience with our Lilypad Rose hexagonal style wall and floor tile which will give a pop of vintage glamour to your bathroom floor and shower area. Team up with white metro tiles to create a sharp but stylish contrast of styles. And finally, why not combine with brushed bronze tap and shower accessories to add even more drama to your space.

For more inspiration and to explore our full range of pink tiles click here!

Gorgeous in green

Devotional Verde

Another popular blast from the past making its way back into bathrooms and kitchens are the many new and exciting shades of green tiles. Escape to nature with our Devotional Verde gloss metro wall tile. Combine with a traditional white roll top bath and high-level toilet to create a timeless Victorian space or why not go bold with our Kash Aqua Hex patterned tile to create a unique and stunning conservatory floor.

If we have managed to whet your appetite for a bolder choice of tile, why not browse through our full range of green tile designs and styles here!

Whatever you have planned for your home this year, whether you are planning to stay with the time-tested pallet of white and neutral tones or if you have been inspired to try a bold fresh look with our many coloured and patterned tiles, rest assured that we will have just what you are looking for!

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