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With the golden tones of autumn upon us and the memories of summer fading fast, you could be forgiven for retreating into the comfort and warmth of your home for the coming months ahead.

But why not grab your favourite cushions and blankets and head on back outside instead? Your garden or patio area can provide a wonderful living space for the colder months. If you are lucky enough to have a sheltered spot between your house and a garden wall or well-placed shrubbery, then it’s definitely worth investing in some plush and colourful outdoor garden furniture. A patio heater or fire pit can provide warmth and ambience on a crisp winter’s night. Combine with some soft lighting and a wood fueled outdoor stove and you have the perfect space to relax, cook and perhaps entertain a few guests.

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With alfresco lifestyle becoming ever more popular, we have seen a surge in trends for tile ranges such as Barewood or Telford which offer matching indoor and outdoor tiles. We think you will fall in love with the pleasing aesthetics of your indoor living space merging seamlessly into the great outdoors, particularly stunning during the summer months when you can fling open your doors and embrace the charming continuity of your extended living space.

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Why not check out our wide range of stylish outdoor pavers today, it might be just the inspiration you need to create your very own perfect outdoor retreat!

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