Adopting A Very European Trend

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While those who inhabit the sunnier climes of Europe have traditionally embraced the use of floor tiles throughout every room of the house, the British have been hesitant to echo this style in areas outside of the kitchen and bathroom. But with improved heating methods and well insulated homes, this trend has finally made its way on to our shores and into our homes.

Why not take this opportunity to explore the alternative options that our wood effect tile ranges can offer. With improvements in modern technology, wood effect tiles are now difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Add to that the beauty, longevity and low maintenance of porcelain and you are on to a clear winner.

Cabinwood Aged Oak

Tiles in conjunction with underfloor heating can be a perfect combination. Nothing echoes luxury and warmth in a home more than padding around in bare feet with a heated tile underfoot! Whether you are enjoying the warm ambience of an open fire in a traditional home or the cool contemporary space of a modern dwelling, our wood effect tiles will create the perfect flooring for your style.

We think our Cabinwood Aged Oak porcelain tile looks fabulous in both traditional and contemporary spaces, but a modern dwelling might also benefit from the sleeker look of our Jak Black and Jak White range of tiles which can be used individually or combined to give a dramatic monochrome effect.

Jak White Jak Black

If you are looking for something a little more alternative then why not take the plunge with our Kontemp Mixed plank tile? Designed with a realistic weathered look in mind, this multitude of blue, white and natural wood tones will add a stylish urban accent to your floor.


While the beauty of wood effect flooring might not be typically reflective of European trends, it lends itself beautifully to the British home with its warmth and stylish overtones. If you are feeling inspired, we invite you to explore our stunning range of wood effect tiles here!

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