Sigma Series 4 4DU UP Tile Cutter 103cm

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4DU UP 103cm

Max straight cutting length - 1030mm

Max diagonal cutting length - 728x728mm

Weight - 14.5kg

Series 4 “UP” Pulling Incision

  • The "UP" handle on this machine is designed for pulling incisions that are quick and easy for cutting tiles.
  • An ergonomically shaped handle specific for pulling incision.
  • The scoring wheel diameter of 12mm is always visible from the operator's side. It also features a CNC milled wheel holder and an anti-friction metal shell to eliminate friction and lateral wear on the scoring wheel. Scoring wheel is also available in TIN coated version. (Art.14UT)
  • The sliding carriage is wear-free, thanks to 3 double-row ball bearings that guarantee long-term precision.
  • Automatic steel compensator for adjusting the slide preload on the rail. There is also an automatic system that holds the handle up to facilitate the insertion of the tile.
  • A wide splitting foot of 100mm.
  • Interchangeable anti-mark protection protects the basement from impact during the scoring.
  • The handle is mounted to the slide carriage with two thrust ball bearings for maximum precision.
  • Most spare parts available.

Series 4 Features

  • Ergonomic Handles - Ergonomic handles with full ball bearing slide.
  • Machined Guides - Extremely robust sliding guides for a perfectly straight cut over time.
  • For all thicknesses - Cutting all thicknesses without adjustment.
  • Robust Structure - Aluminium structure, obtained from a single casting for maximum strength and lightness.
  • Metric Bar - The metric bar is pivoted in the centre of the cutting line, swivelling +45° 0° -45° and always close to the operator.
  • Cutting angle adjustment button - Adjustable button for quick positioning of the metric bar at the most commonly used angles
  • Diagonal measurement patented system - The metric ruler allows measurement of the side and diagonal.
  • Cutting line lighting - Provision for mounting Positioning Laser 
  • Reduced dimension - Space is reduced during transport by positioning the metric bar along the base.
  • Sprung supports - The sprung supports can be opened freely for perfect support of large tiles.
  • Scoring wheel compartment - Container for scoring wheel replacement.
  • Steel pin – Metric bar pivoted in centre on steel pin
  • Front measurement - Allows measuring on both right and left (410 - 0 - 410 mm) for narrow and long tile cuts.
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Sigma Series 4 4DU UP Tile...

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