Super White 30x60cm (box of 8)
  • Super White 30x60cm (box of 8)
  • Super White 30x60cm (box of 8)

Super White 30x60cm (box of 8)

£68.63 inc VAT

per box

(£47.70 per sqm)



Introducing Super, our exquisite range of polished porcelain wall and floor tiles, embodying a classic yet contemporary aesthetic that caters to a variety of interior designs. Available in two striking colours – a deep, lustrous black and a crisp, clean white – these tiles offer flexibility and elegance for any space. The black tiles in the Super range are offered in a singular large format size. This size is meticulously crafted to deliver a grand visual impact, perfect for creating a focal point in your room. The simplicity of the single size option in black emphasizes its sophisticated and uniform appearance, ideal for those who seek a sleek, monochromatic design.

At a glance

  • Plain black or white design
  • Polished finish
  • One large format size option in black
  • Three size options in white
  • Durable porcelain construction
  • Rectified edges for precision installation
  • Suitable for wall or floor applications

In contrast, the white tiles of the Super range present more versatility with three size options. Two of these are large format sizes, one of which matches the dimensions of the black tile, providing an exciting opportunity to blend the two for a classic chequered effect. The third size option in white is smaller, offering an alternative dimension for more intricate designs or smaller spaces. This smaller size option allows for creative layouts and can be used to complement the larger tiles, adding depth and interest to your design scheme. The Super range is not only versatile in terms of size and colour, but also in application. The tiles can be laid in a singular mono colour for a cohesive and streamlined look, or combined to create that stunning chequered effect. Whether you're looking to make a bold statement with a dramatic black, bring a bright and airy feel with white, or mix and match for a classic yet dynamic look, the Super range offers endless possibilities. These tiles are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of design flexibility!

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Super White 30x60cm (box of 8)