LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner (1L)
  • LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner (1L)

LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner (1L)

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So you've laid your porcelain floor tiles - now you want to keep them nice and clean - and want to keep the dirt and grime of everyday life at bay. This LTP Porcelain Tile Cleaner 1Ltr is the perfect bottle to keep in your kitchen cupboard. It's a gentle cleaner that has been specially formulated to clean ceramic or porcelain. Best of all, unlike certain cleaning products, it won't harm your grout lines! It can be used on both sealed and unsealed surfaces, as well as polished and unpolished surfaces. It's the perfect all-rounder. It's suitable for ceramic and porcelain, natural products and quartz, internal and external applications. In summary: You get 40 washes from a litre bottle of the product. It doesn't damage tile or grout. Internal and external application. Suitable for ceramic and porcelain. Suitable for natural products and quartz. It consists of a Ph neutral phosphate-free formula. It doesn't leave a film on the surface of the tile. It's better value than a supermarket detergent.
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