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Lounge Dark Anthracite Rustic 30x60cm (box of 6)
  • Lounge Dark Anthracite Rustic 30x60cm (box of 6)
  • Lounge Dark Anthracite Rustic 30x60cm (box of 6)
  • Lounge Dark Anthracite Rustic 30x60cm (box of 6)

Lounge Dark Anthracite Rustic 30x60cm (box of 6)

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Introducing Lounge, the epitome of high-end elegance and durability in the world of porcelain wall and floor tiles. Crafted with meticulous precision, these through-bodied tiles exude luxury and style, making them perfect for both commercial and domestic applications. Available in eight contemporary colour options, Lounge tiles offer a diverse palette that caters for every design preference. Whether you seek warm and inviting hues or cool and contemporary tones, Lounge has it all. These tiles come in two size options and three distinct finishes: polished, unpolished and rustic. The polished finish offers a glossy sheen that reflects light beautifully, adding a touch of opulence to any setting. The unpolished finish provides a smooth, matt surface, exuding a modern and understated elegance. Meanwhile, the rustic finish embraces the charm of natural imperfections, creating a warm and inviting ambience.

At a glance

  • Stone effect design
  • Eight colour options
  • Two size options
  • Polished, unpolished and rustic finishes
  • Variety of coordinating mosaic tiles
  • Through-bodied porcelain construction
  • For use on walls and floors
  • Rectified edges for professional finish
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications

For those seeking an extra level of creativity, Lounge offers a stunning array of complimentary mosaics in all colour options. These mosaics will enable you to add intricate and eye-catching features to your walls and floors, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space. Additionally, for those who appreciate the timeless allure of grey and black shades, Lounge presents a captivating mixed-colour mosaic. This mosaic blends various hues seamlessly, making it a versatile and eye-catching choice for adding a touch of drama to your design. Engineered with outstanding durability, Lounge tiles are built to withstand the rigors of both commercial environments and daily home use. Their through-bodied composition ensures that any wear or scratches will be virtually unnoticeable, guaranteeing a long-lasting and attractive investment. Choose Lounge, and let your design dreams come to life!

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Lounge Dark Anthracite...

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